How we

Respect the environment



To reduce the environmental impact and to use the grapes falling principle, the whole vinification area was obtained digging seven meters underground.


reduces up to 30% the CO2 emissions

To reduce CO2 emissions up to 30% we used Mitsubishi’s innovative system, world leader in conditioning systems with a great attention to the environmental impact.


Grapes washer

The grapes are hand harvested and put into 15kg crates and entirely washed. A water recirculation pump and special filters reduce the water consumption.


Press with CO2 recycling to reduce environmental impact

We process the grapes in total absence of oxygen inoculating CO2. To reduce to the minimum CO2 emissions we use an air balloon that recycles the gas up to twenty pressings, safeguarding the environment.


Weather stations

The weather stations positioned in the vineyards reveal the main data, allowing us to carry out the treatments only when needed rather than following a calendar, contributing to a great reduction of the same treatments.