Cookie Policy

This cookie policy refers to the website which is managed and operated by Vigne Olcru s.r.l.. Cookies are small text files sent from websites to users during their visit to the page. These files are saved to the computer’s hard disk thus allowing the website to recognise users and memorize certain information about them in order to permit or improve the services on offer.
There are several types of cookie. Some are necessary to be able to navigate the website, while others have different functions, like guaranteeing internal security, system administration, carrying out statistical analysis, understanding which sections of the website users are most interested in or allow the user to personalise their experience on the website.
This website uses technical cookies rather than those used for profiling the user. The following is relevant both to the user’s pc and to any other equipment used to connect to the website.
Technical Cookies
Technical cookies have the sole function of sending announcements within an electronic communication network, or when absolutely necessary, to send information explicitly requested by the subscriber or user to a supplier of a business service to the company.
These cookies have no other function and are generally installed directly by the website owner or administrator.
The cookies can be further divided into three categories: navigation or session cookies ensure normal navigation and use of the website (allowing the user to make a purchase or confirm identity in order to access reserved areas of the site); analytics cookies are bundled with the technical cookies and used directly by the website administrator to collect aggregated information about the number of visitors and how they use the site; function cookies allow the user to navigate the site based on a series of selected criteria such as the language or the products selected for purchase.
Disabling cookies could limit use of the website and reduce the full benefits of the functionality and services available on the site. The following is a description of the cookies used on this site and is intended to aid the user’s decision about which to accept and which to refuse.
Types of Cookies used
First-party Cookies
First-party Cookies belong to the website editor that created them and are installed by the website being visited, the URL of which appears in the navigation box at the top of the window. These cookies facilitate efficient use of the website and trace visitor behaviour.
Third-party Cookies
These cookies are installed by a different domain to the one being visited. If a user visits a company’s site and receives information from a different company it is likely this latter company is using the website to send third-party cookies.
Session (or navigation) Cookies
Session cookies are memorised temporarily and deleted when the user closes the active browser. A user registering on a website will use session cookies which collect personal information to identify the user during a successive visit, facilitating access and login by remembering username and password, for example. In addition, the cookies are used for system administration by The website could contain links to other sites. has neither access to nor control of cookies, web bacon and other tracking technologies used on third-party sites that can be accessed via these links. This applies also to the third-party site’s availability and any content or material published on or obtained from these sites, as well as to the policy relevant to the use of personal information by that site. in this regard, given the amount of such websites, expressly disclaims any related liability. You should check the privacy policies of third party sites that are accessed from the website to know the conditions applicable to the processing of personal data since the Privacy Policy of only applies to the Site as defined above
Persistent Cookies
Persistent cookies are memorized by the user’s device and remain in the memory between sessions enabling the site to remember a user’s preferences or habitual actions.
Essential Cookies
These cookies are absolutely necessary for the website to function correctly as some areas of the site would not be able to function in their absence. They include cookies that enable a user to access a restricted area of the web-site. These cookies do not collect information for marketing purposes and cannot be deactivated.
Functional Cookies
These are used to recognise a user returning to the site, remembering the user’s preferred configuration (such as selected language or geographical area) and allowing them to personalise content. All information collected is anonymous so cannot be used to identify the user.
Social Network Sharing Cookies
These cookies facilitate sharing of the website content on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The privacy and cookie policy of the respectice social networks can be consulted directly on their websites. For Facebook and Twitter, follow these links: and
The table below shows the main cookies used on this website along with descriptions of their use and duration:

1) Type of Cookie 1st Party – Functional
Use Recovers user configuration preferences (saves the user’s session and remembers some information like login details)
Duration Persistent Cookie
2) Type of Cookie 1st Party – Functional
Use Remembers the user’s location and selected language (anonymously)
3) Type of Cookie 1st Party – Functional
Use Personalises a pages content according to the type of device used by the user, the selections made on the site and the chosen configuration (anonymously)

How to modify a Cookie’s settings
Most browsers accept cookies automatically but the user can usually modify their settings to disable this function. It is possible either to block all cookies or to choose which to accept and which to reject. The “Options” or “Prefences” sections of the browser menu allow the user to avoid receiving cookies and other tracking technologies and to be notified in the browser if any of these technologies have been activated. Further assistance can be obtained from the “Help” section of the browser toolbar.
Alternatively, select the browser being used from the following list and follow the instructions:
Internet Explorer; – Chrome; – Safari; – Firefox; – Opera.
From mobile devices: – Android; – Safari; – Windows Phone; – Blackberry
For ulterior information about first-party and third-party cookies and how to manage cookie preferences please visit the following platform: Please be advised that disabling navigation or function cookies could result in the sites malfunction or limitation of the services offered by